Lady with straight teeth

Why Straight Teeth Actually Matter

Not everybody is born with straight and shiny teeth. If that was the case, then dentistry may not be so popular! Although, there are many people that do not pay attention to their smile because their teeth aren’t clean or are misaligned. If you’re one of those people who has misaligned or crooked teeth, we’re

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Patient has crooked teeth owing to poor habits

Impact Of Crooked Teeth To Oral Health

A key reason why people accept the state of their teeth is because they’re too ashamed to show them to the public. Teeth then stay hidden because they’re embarrassed with their appearance when they smile. This is clearly acceptable in the past, but modern dentistry has now evolved significantly. This means there are cosmetic treatments

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Invisalign clear aligners

Health Benefits of Invisalign

Have you ever considered getting your teeth straightened to improve the aesthetic appearance of your smile? A straight, glossy smile always looks great to the public eye. Along with this, there are many health benefits that come with a straight smile as well. Invisalign is the perfect cosmetic dentistry treatment choice for this. It requires

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lady wearing invisalign aligners

Can Invisalign Halt Teeth Grinding?

If you regularly wake up in the morning with facial stiffness, jaw pain and wear-and-tear on your teeth, there is a wider problem to this that needs addressing. It is likely that you’re experiencing teeth grinding. Teeth grinding is formally known as Bruxism and is a condition where the upper and lower teeth clench and

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