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How To Remineralize Teeth Naturally At Home

Naturally, minerals in teeth begin to decrease as you age. Although, the foods you eat contribute to it as well. When your teeth lose minerals, it opens the opportunity for cavities to form and teeth to decay. What contributes to low minerals in your teeth? Naturally, it occurs when you consume foods, notably by eating

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Benefits Of Strong Enamel

The enamel is not just the hardest mineral in the body, it is even the most essential. If you want strong white teeth to shine through every day, keeping the enamel strong is an important step of oral hygiene. So, why do you need strong enamel? The enamel lacks the ability to grow and regenerate

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Tips To Keep Enamel Strong

The enamel is one of the most important and hardest mineral substances in the body. The enamel is that outer surface layer of your teeth that protects against tooth decay and keeps your teeth white. It is even stronger than bone. Whilst that may be, it doesn’t make the enamel immune from any oral health

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